Niantic is finally back with another update because its been a while since the fans of Pokemon Go are waiting for this kind of Big update. One of the most legendary Pokemon is now added to the Pokemon go in the latest update this week, So discover this legendary Pokemon and start catching them around the Globe.

Pokemon Go update

Moreover catching this legendary Pokemon is not an easy task because it takes a lot more then an ordinary Pokeball to catch such legendary Pokemon. so, to catch up the legendary Pokemon from the latest update you have to team up with other players in Raid Battles and the catch it together.

New Pokemons now available in Pokemon GO including Legendary Lugia and Articuno

Its been more then an year since Pokemon Go was first launched and since then it has won many hearts. After the Birthday many big updates were released by Niantic to the Pokemon GO. Moreover now they are adding new Pokemons including the Legendary Articuno and Articuno, Furthermore, some new legendary Pokemons are also arriving soon including Zapdos and Moltres but not sure when.

pokemon go update

The new update was launched to the public in a public festival held in Chicago. At the festival the Legendary Pokemons were spotted for the first time. So, players attending the festivals were the first ones to be able to catch them right there and then.

So, now is the right time to start playing Pokemon Go again and revive your memories of finding amazing Pokemon in your streets. Grab it right now from Google Play and start enjoying once again.


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