Layton’s Mystery Journey a latest adventure game from Level- Inc is just launched on Android. This latest adventure just released on Google Play Store and is expensive and starts from $ 18 USD around the globe.

You pay this much money to enter the forever franchise who just released their first sequel on the mobile phone platform. Start playing as Katrielle Layton in this amazing adventurous and mystery game and help her find her lost father in the streets of London.

Layton’s Mystery Journey available now on Google Play

Travel across the city and visit many famous landmarks including the tower Bridge of London or the Great house of Parliament and solve cases to fulfill your goal. On your quest you will come across many people of London where some will be charming and lovely.

Layton’s Mystery Journey available on Google Play Store now.

If we talk about the game play of this expensive game then most of the cases are solved after solving puzzles by simply tapping on the screen. Moreover solve the biggest collection of puzzles in any game you have played before and enjoy them on just a single tap.

Layton’s Mystery Journey available now on Google Play

In addition to that customize the investigation agency by redecorating and Kat by changing her outfits from a huge collection available in the game. Decorate to make it a but more interesting and closer to you.

So, if you are a big fan of the series or love puzzles then this game is worth the try. Grab it now from Google Play and become a investigator right now.


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