After a long wait now, Merge Dragons! is finally available on Google Play and can be downloaded on all your Android devices. It is launched first on iOS for a brief time but now is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Merge Dragons! is available now on Google Play

This amazing new Puzzle game by Gram Games limited is amazingly addictive and fun to play. Moreover what have you to loose if you are matching some amazing stuff to create a better stuff. The world is held hostage by the Zomblins and you are the only savior left.

Start discovering the classing Dragon Legends, finish all the quests and unleash magic from the land of mystery. Moreover bring together all the pieces and make better creatures my matching them. Since you are the only one to heal the land with your amazing powers to outmatch anything.

Merge Dragons! has finally launched on Android

Bring together the eggs and match them to unleash deadly dragons and then evolve them into even more dangerous dragons by bringing together other pieces. Moreover explore from various eggs, trees, magical flowers, stars and other mythical creatures from the mysterious lands.

Merge Dragons! is available now on Google Play

In addition to that take care of your base and resources you gained in the game. In addition to that get a lot more in this amazing puzzle adventurous game and start your journey in this mysterious land now. Get it from Google Play right now and start enjoying.

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding the latest games and their updates Thank-you!



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