Oxenfree is a critically acclaimed Mystical thriller game on PC, where you will explore the mystical and the gorgeous island and the popular game is now available on android.

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller where you play as a part of a group of friends who accidentally open a portal to the land of Ghosts. You will be playing as a teenager Alex, who along with his new stepbrother goes to the party on the mysterious island.

Oxenfree is released on Android

The party turns into the worse night as you accidentally open the Ghostly rift. After the portal opens, creatures will find their way to the island, so you have to sort out a way with your friends to deal with these creatures. You are free to decide whatever you want to do, so make a decision wisely as your actions are going to effect your future in the game.

Along with that your decisions also impacts your relations with others. So be careful because if you make a decision that other player disagrees with then it may result in the relationship falling out.

Oxenfree is released on Android

Discuss your decisions with your friends and also hear them out,  respond them in any way you want to, but remember how you respond also effects your relationship. Just like a normal life if your conversation is interrupted because of any event, then you will continue from where you left off before the occurrence.

Oxenfree is all about solving the mysteries, and along with your friends you will also be working with the Ghosts. You will talk with the ghosts using the Radio and will help each other solving the mystery. Once you are done with solving all the mysteries you find the solution of handling the rift and the game finishes.

Oxenfree is an amazing adventure game full of mysteries and Ghosts, Download the game now on your Android devices from the Google Play.


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