It’s been a long time since Titanfall: Assault was first released and now it is finally officially launched on Android. Titanfall: Assault is the latest action and strategy game by Nexon M Inc. and after its first release it spent a lot of time in the soft launch.  The game is perfect combination of fast paced action and intense fights between players. Moreover start playing this game to experience the most epic fights for freedom on the Frontier Battlefield.

Titanfall: Assault

Start the non stop action and see if you are strong enough to participate in the combats and unleash the powerful arsenal. Moreover Start deploying troops with different fighting abilities including Titans, Pilots and some other special units. In addition to that start deploying other troops including Ninjas, Boomers, Scorches, Ions and many more to get back the control of the Frontier.

To support your cause start collecting different special cards because they will make your side stronger. The game is inspired by it’s predecessor in the console and because of that you will see some similar characters too.  Make a Deck of powerful cards made up of the powerful units and some support cards. Use the support cards as spells to unleash some special abilities for some time duration.

Titanfall: Assault

Do drop the units in the battle field and when needed support them with your burn cards. Moreover if you enjoy playing games with your friends then invite your friends to the game and forma Guild/Clan. In addition to that Make alliances with other players online to make s powerful Guild.

With all the amazing features explained above this game seems like a good deal for action lovers. So, download Titanfall: Assault from Google Play right now and start enjoying.


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